What Tools Do Experts in Orlando Use When Applying Concrete Stains and Colorants?

Concrete stain in a restaurant

Concrete stain in a restaurant

Are you tired of looking at your boring floors in your Orlando home? If so, you can change the appearance by using concrete stains and topical colorants.  As this is one of the most popular decorative concrete solutions, you will find a wide range of products that vary in both quality and color options.

The outcome of the project depends on the color and tone desired, therefore, it is to your advantage to learn what you can about your various options, even talking to a reputable supplier is recommended. That way, you will choose the appropriate type of stain or dye, as well as the necessary surface preparation required.


Regarding the application of concrete stains and colorants, an installer can use a variety of tools based on the technique, desired outcome, and square footage of the space. Spraying is the easiest and most efficient method of applying liquid stains or dyes.  The preferred method consists of using a high-volume low-pressure sprayer or a pump-type airless sprayer. However, for restricted areas or when performing detailed work, experts also use rags, various sizes of brushes, sponges, and a hand spray bottle.

When spraying on concrete stains and colorants, a conical tip works best. This tip sprays the liquid in a cone pattern, which gets excellent results without leaving any noticeable spray lines or unnatural patterns. For an acid-based stain, experts sometimes use a medium stiff bristle brush immediately following the spray-on application to scrub the stain into the concrete surface. Experts also use a roller or brush when applying concrete stains and colorants.

Regardless of the preferred method and the tools used, the surface must first get tested to determine the color intensity and the degree of penetration. For optimal results on the floors in your Orlando home, the concrete surface must be clean and dry before the application process begins.

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