What Type of Training Do Orlando Concrete Contractors Complete to Apply Decorative Concrete Overlays?

Concrete Overlay Class

Decorative concrete overlays training

For the past 10 years, the decorative concrete industry has continually grown. With demand being so high, it has become more important than ever for contractors to have the right type of training for the installation of decorative concrete overlays. Today, contractors in Orlando who work for reputable companies receive extensive training.

As part of training, the best Orlando contractors learn several things so they can install decorative concrete overlays correctly. Following are some examples of what they learn.

  • Product Information – Only through intense training does a contractor learn about the products used. Of course, this varies from one company to the next, but ultimately, once contractors complete training, they understand each overlay product, what it contains, how it is enhanced, and so on.
  • Application Techniques – Because decorative concrete overlays are enhanced based on the application, a professional contractor gets training for different options. For example, a contractor learns how to make unique textures, patterns, and colors. With this expertise, the expert can provide customers what they want.
  • Tools – To install decorative concrete overlays, Orlando contractors receive training about the tools needed for the job. Included are training on what each tool is and the proper way to use it.
  • Customer Service – Good customer service is essential for making customers happy. In addition to technical training, contractors get trained on providing outstanding service and support. They learn how to interact with their customers, the right way to cross-sell without coming across as pushy, and how to deal with potential issues or complaints.

With all of this training and more, the services provided by contractors in Orlando working for top companies are in high demand. Because of the right training, decorative concrete companies have the opportunity to grow and expand their product line to customers.

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