Understanding Options for Concrete Floor Repair Systems

There are numerous components of concrete floor repair systems, meaning that even the most experienced contractor may sometimes have doubts about which product to use. Without properly understanding the options for repair systems, it is impossible to explain them to your clients or make educated recommendations. These concrete repair systems can typically be divided into a few basic functions: those that prepare the surface for repairs, those used when actually making the repairs, and those to finish up the repairs and ensure longevity.

Systems for Surface Preparation

When repairing concrete floors, you will first need to remove the damaged areas and fill them in, but this is not as simple as it may sound. Before anything can be applied to the concrete surface, you must remove debris, such as mineral deposits, mortar, rust, stains, and lime deposits. Products like Super Concentrate Renovator from Select Surface Solutions can thoroughly clean the concrete before you repair the area with a patch and add an overlay.

Other surface preparation products will focus on removing particular elements, such as carpet adhesives and old acrylic coatings, to expose the area where repairs need to be done. Examples are GlueRemove and EnviroStrip, respectively, as each strips away the old substances on the concrete that would make it impossible to get to the damaged area or get a patch to bond.

Systems for Making Repairs

Another option for concrete floor repair systems in Orlando is one product that help you with the actual repair process. These are typically in the form of patches that will fill in holes, trenches etc, such as Deep Level, which works on larger spalls. For patching small holes and crack repair, feather patch material or epoxy crack repair systems are available.

Systems for Finishing Fixed Floors

Whether a concrete floor is new or an old one that is being revamped, it is crucial to apply some sort of protective finish. These finishes serve as a protective element by adding a layer between the concrete and environmental factors, chemicals, abrasives, or general foot traffic and, therefore, extend the life of the concrete when applied properly. In the case of repair systems, these products may be anything from a sealant to a concrete densifiers when polishing the surface. LD1800 from Select Surface Solutions, for example, works to generate calcium silicate hydrate in concrete pores to improve the floor’s strength and durability. Applying a finish of some sort will also help to ensure the uniformity of the concrete floor, so the repaired area can’t be distinguished from the rest.

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