Using Concrete Products for Unique Vertical Applications

Living in Orlando means you want your structures to be both weather resistant and durable. Concrete meets the bill as an ideal building material. Many industrial buildings are already built from concrete, but when you think of concrete used in the home, you probably think of typical flatwork products, like sidewalks, driveways, and patios. However, concrete can be the solution for your vertical surfaces as well.

Stamped concrete products as well as concrete overlays, commonly used in outdoor patio spaces, can also be used to create visually stunning beams, columns, and walls. Even products like decorative gateposts, mailbox posts, or signposts can be made from concrete.

Sprayed vertical concrete material

Sprayed vertical concrete material

Using concrete doesn’t limit you to a bland gray surface, either. Orlando concrete experts can use stamps and coloring products to make concrete surfaces look like almost anything, including brick, slate, granite, or even wood. They can also use overlay products, like those made by SureCrete, in order to resurface and recolor old, ugly, or damaged concrete.

Decorative concrete solutions are available for almost any building need, and as companies like Butterfield Color continue to develop new concrete stamp patterns and coloring techniques, the decorative concrete industry continues to grow. Although decorative concrete started out as a niche industry, more and more people are learning about concrete’s wide-ranging potential as a building material. In response, both contractors and materials companies continue to innovate, and many new products continue to become available for those looking to build and decorate with concrete.

So, if you live in Orlando and plan to build or remodel a home, office, or other structure, you should consider concrete. As a building material, it can provide you with an aesthetically appealing solution that is also durable and weather resistant.

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