Using an Overlay to Repair and Beautify Old Concrete

Cracked concrete in need of an

Cracked concrete in need of an Overlay

Do you have an old concrete surface that has seen better days? Perhaps it is a driveway, outdoor patio, foyer, kitchen floor, commercial tenant improvement project or something else. Before you start looking at tearing it up or replacing it with new floor, consider the many benefits of a concrete overlay.

With an overlay, the old surface is covered up and is transformed into virtually any look you want. That means if you have a Victorian-style home, you can choose a design and color that matches that era. If the entrance into your business looks messy, you can select something that not only enhances the entire appearance of the property but also makes your company more enticing to customers and a safe surface for stepping.

The first step entails fixing and patching imperfections, followed by a thorough cleaning of the surface and allowing it to dry before applying a primer coat. Only then should you applying the polymer modified cement overlay. If preferred, you can choose a beautiful stamped concrete design that looks like real wood, stone, brick, rock, or an assortment of other materials. Another possibility is a concrete surface with incredible shine or one with a colored and marble effect using a concrete stain.

Broom finish overlay without color

Broom finish overlay without color

Depending on where you want the overlay installed, you can also have a unique texture created or even aggregate or sand  added to the formula to make the surface extra slip-resistant for outdoor applications like pool decks, driveways, or walkways, this dramatically reduces any risk of someone slipping and sustaining an injury.

Another cool aspect of an overlay is that you can have a custom design created. If you prefer unique styles, you can end up with a one-of-a-kind surface. For instance, when you are updating old concrete in a foyer, consider adding the family crest or a medallion design.

Just imagine all the fun you can have when updating old concrete. Rather than embarrassment, you will feel a sense of pride. Transformed concrete also helps boost the value of the property because of the improved appearance and due to the overlay providing years of excellent service.

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