What Does Professional Training for Decorative Concrete Installers Entail?

Professional Training

Professional Training

Today, there are some do-it-yourself decorative concrete products on the market. However, if you want a finished project that looks exceptional, it’s far better to hire an expert. This is true especially when it comes to stamped concrete. With this, the installer creates a surface that resembles brick, wood, tile, travertine, rock, slate, and more. Professional training allows an installer to accomplish that.

Many installers receive their professional training from a particular decorative concrete supplier. The reason is they use that company’s products. Going through a program provided by the supplier ensures that training covers everything the installer needs to know, including knowledge of the different products available. That makes it easier for an installer to guide the customers to the best solution based on their goals.

Professional training also entails learning which products to use for any given application. As an example, epoxy is commonly used outdoors. With this, the installer can transform both the appearance and functionality of pool decks, patios, walkways, driveways, and other areas. In comparison, a stained concrete product is often used indoors as a way of enhancing the appearance of floors.

Preparing surfaces before applying decorative concrete overlays is another aspect of professional training. The installer learns how to repair surface imperfections like scaling, chipping, cracking, and so on. This also covers proper cleaning methods as well as the right products to use. As you can imagine, this is a critical part of training since the prepared surface has a significant impact on the finished project – good and bad.

There are also different methods of applying decorative concrete. For some of these, an installer would use a precut mat and squeegee. However, for handcrafted applications, the expert has to learn much more. This includes how to hand-trowel, create custom stamps, and use more advanced tools for the job. Obviously, the more skilled an installer is, the more customers will demand that individual’s services.

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