4 Great Ways to Incorporate Epoxy Floor Systems in and Around Your Orlando Home

Epoxy Color Flake Samples

Epoxy Color Flake Samples – Epoxy Floor Systems

After living in your Orlando home for a long time, you recognize the floors need updating. However, the last thing you want is to choose a design that all your friends and family have. Instead, you want something unique and memorable. Without question, epoxy floor systems are a perfect solution. With this, you can go with something subtle or unleash your creativity.

Some of the ways you can incorporate epoxy floor systems in and around your Orlando home include the following:

  1. Foyer – The floors in your foyer are the first thing that people see when visiting. Using epoxy, you can make a lasting impression from the very beginning. Along with the main floor area, you might consider changing the look of the stairs as well. With an abundance of color options, this is an excellent way to wow people.
  2. Hearth Room – This room in the house is where people love to congregate. Whether this includes family members or friends, you want a hearth room that looks and feels cozy. Thanks to epoxy floor systems, you can achieve your goal. If you have a home in Orlando near the water, you might consider a lighter color whereas, for a more traditional house, you could go with deeper and richer hues.
  3. Kitchen – Besides the hearth room, the kitchen sees a lot of activity. Using epoxy floor systems, not only can you change the way this room looks but also how it functions. By having aggregates added, you end up with a slip-resistant surface. Considering that people accidentally spill things, this eliminates risk.
  4. Covered Patio – With the right epoxy floor systems, you can even transform your outdoor patio. For something extraordinary, you could have a professional installer change the look of the walls, fireplace surrounds, fire pit, water feature, and even concrete furniture by using a stamped decorative solution. This, combined with an epoxy system, will make your patio become everyone’s favorite place to relax.
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