Exterior Refreshment | Lynx Bus Station – Orlando,FL

The appearance of an exterior building has a significant impact on first impressions. It boosts confidence among companies, employees, and attracts new clients. One of the simplest and most effective ways to maintain an attractive exterior is by refreshing painted and sealed surfaces.

These surfaces serve multiple purposes, such as identifying entry and exit points, highlighting safety measures, and acting as a branding element that signifies you are in the right location. An outstanding illustration of this is the recent exterior refreshment project at the Lynx Bus Station in Orlando, FL.

Dreamcrete Custom Creations was entrusted with applying a high-quality solid-color acrylic sealer to key areas of the property. The building’s branding required a custom color accent, so they collaborated with Select Surface Solutions, utilizing the ColorTec Tinting station to pigment a solvent-based acrylic sealer.

ColorTec Advantage for Exterior Refreshment

The advantage of this sealer lies in its superior pigments, specifically engineered to resist the alkalinity of concrete, ensuring that it won’t chalk or fade like conventional paints. They used the custom color to enhance the stairs, entry borders, and sitting walls. As a result, the building now exudes confidence, portraying a well-maintained and secure environment for all those utilizing the Lynx Central Station on North Garland Avenue.

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