ColorTec Acrylic


ColorTec Acrylic™ is an exterior concrete paint that can be used for coloring driveways and sidewalks that require a high-traffic coating. 30 standard colors include graysilverwhiteredbrown, and tan. Surecrete’s outdoor colored concrete surface sealer can also be color-matched to virtually any color.

Note | Call for pricing for all other colors.


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ColorTec Acrylic™ is a single-component, 30% acrylic solids, 600 g/L, color sealer developed for SureCrete overlays or any cement-based product. It is vapor permeable, yet reduces the penetration of fluids into the surface. ColorTec Acrylic will enhance the beauty, and improve stain and abrasion resistance for driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways, pool decks, stucco, and concrete blocks. Pigments are specifically formulated for UV stability, will not blush, and retain long gloss retention.

ColorTec Acrylic Surface Preparation

The principles for surface preparation for ColorTec Acrylic are aligned with other coating systems placed on concrete or cement
based overlays, the substrate must be:

  1. Clean: The surface must be free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paints, glues, non-acrylic sealers, curing agents, efflorescence, chemical
    contaminants, rust, algae, mildew, and other foreign matter that may serve as a bond breaker.
  2. Cured: Any concrete must be sufficiently cured to have complete hydration, approximately 28 days depending on temperatures & humidity. Cement-based overlays typically cure sufficiently within 2 – 3 days.
  3. Sound: No system should be placed on concrete or cement-based overlay that is flaking or spalling. If the surface is delaminating, then diamond grinding shot blasting, or other mechanical means should be used to remove the delaminating areas.
  4. Profiled: Proper profile should follow the standard established by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Technical
    Guideline no. 03732 for Concrete Surface Profile (CSP). The established profile is categorized as CSP-1. The most common means to properly profile many concrete slabs (especially exterior slabs) is through the use of a pressure washer equipped with a turbo-tip and SCR (see SCR TDS). In one step SCR profiles, cleans, and provides a measure of degreasing. Some concrete slabs that are hard-troweled may require more aggressive profiling through diamond grinding or shot blasting. Customarily cement-based overlays do not require profiling.



Varies upon substrate: approximately 160 – 200 ft² per gal., per coat (14.9 – 18.6 m² per 3.8 L, per coat) 8 – 10 mils wet; 2.4 – 3 mils cured.

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