Make Your Concrete Shine

What could be more appealing than an interior concrete surface that gleams and reflects like a polished concrete floor? But how do you determine if your concrete slab is suitable for polishing? To make your concrete shine, experienced contractors assess each project based on three key factors. 

Intended Use and Traffic: Consider the expected use of the polished concrete surface. Heavy traffic areas may require densification or other treatments to enhance durability and resistance to wear.

Hardness of the Concrete: Polished concrete works best with hard concrete mixes. Softer concrete may not achieve the desired polish or may wear down more quickly over time.

Condition of the Concrete: The concrete should be structurally sound, without significant cracks, spalling, or other damage. Minor cracks can often be repaired, but extensive damage may not be suitable for polishing.

When your customer’s expectations cannot be met due to surface hardness, irremediable discolorations, or hairline cracks, Rapid Set’s TRU product line is the answer. Achieve a level, polishable surface that not only meets but exceeds expectations. 

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