Mediterranean Design Trending Upwards in 2024

As 2024 quickly approaches, interior design trends are taking shape. What can we expect?

Top designers say that people will be looking to create natural, sophisticated, and healthy spaces. This will culminate in an increase in old Mediterranean looks.  Mediterranean-style design will often make use of organic materials and textures. Some of the characteristics that evoke the Mediterranean design style include seamless walls and ceilings, arched doorways, recessed wall shelves, plaster finishes, carved wood, and natural stone. 

As homeowners move to this design style, bathrooms become the perfect space to begin. They desire their bathroom to function for more than just bathing. They want relaxing experiences. For this reason, plaster walls are an ideal choice. This material delivers an ultra-smooth finish, with seamless transitions. Creating a bright and spacious space.

Plaster Finish Advancements

Advancements in plaster have led to the development of a microcement that surpasses traditional plaster in strength by 30%. Microtek by SureCrete presents itself as an exceptional choice for individuals seeking high-quality microcement. With white and gray bases readily available, you have the option to blend integral color with penetrating stains, resulting in an extensive range of colors. This allows you to effortlessly achieve an elegant aesthetic with minimal movement, creating an ambiance of brightness and spaciousness within your space.

The Perfect Mediterranean Design Color Scheme

As you embark on your journey in 2024, keep these tips in mind when selecting the perfect color scheme for your bathroom remodel. Choose three colors: a neutral color, a rich color, and an accent color. 

Aim for a distribution of 70% for the neutral color, 20% for the rich color, and 10% for the bold color. Utilize the neutral color generously, the rich color sparingly, and the bold color minimally. By following these guidelines, you can create a well-balanced and soothing color scheme that is sure to enhance your bathroom remodel.

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