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Advantages of Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)?

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

For countertops, and various other surfaces, there are numerous advantages of using glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). As you look over the list, you might decide this is the route you want to take. Of course, if you have additional questions, you can speak with us at the shop or professional contractor or installer who deals with this type of concrete on a consistent basis.

  • Lighter Weight – One of the most notable advantages is that GFRC is much lighter compared to conventional concrete. In fact, experts can cast it in thinner sections, making it up to 75 percent lighter. Because of that, if you want to use glass fiber reinforced concrete for new kitchen countertops, the installer can install it just 1 inch thick, whereas with steel-reinforced concrete, it would need to be 2 inches thick.
  • Reinforcement – A unique aspect of GFRC is that it has internal support. For that reason, there is no need for any other reinforcements. When it comes to challenging shapes, the internal stability makes placing the material much easier.
  • High Strength – You will also appreciate that fact that glass fiber reinforced concrete has flexural strength up to 4,000 psi. Even the strength-to-weight ratio is exceptional.
  • Surface Finish – An expert can spray on GFRC, thereby preventing any voids or holes. As a result, you end up with a smooth surface that looks rich and elegant.
  • Toughness – Unlike traditional concrete, which can crack or chip while getting cut, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to damage GFRC.
  • Durability – Compared to precast concrete, glass fiber reinforced concrete will outcast every time. Also, you never have to worry about durability issues. Without cracks or holes, water getting inside is never a problem.
  • Adaptability – Because a contractor or installer can either spray or pour GFRC into the desired mold, this material can adapt to almost any shape, even complex and ornamental ones.

Are There Different Types of Epoxy Floor Systems for Orlando Homeowners?

Epoxy Color Flake Samples

Epoxy Color Flake Samples

In response to the question of whether there are different types of epoxy floor systems for homeowners in Orlando, the answer is yes. However, each has a specific purpose, meaning the formula is for a specific application. If you want to enjoy all the benefits that epoxy offers, one of these systems will work perfectly for your needs.

Epoxy Terrazzo

For epoxy floor systems, the first type is terrazzo. For concrete substrates, an expert applies this topping just 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch thick. After applied the epoxy floor must be ground and polished exposing aggregate and then the floor looks like tiny mosaic tile. Although you have unlimited design options, typically, this flooring solution is the preferred choice when you want to create unique designs or colorful checkered patterns and you have a large budget to work with as these floors are time consuming and very expensive.

A professional installer can add pigments to epoxy terrazzo, which gives you endless color possibilities. Another option is to have special aggregates added to the formula. With things like recycled glass, granite or marble chips, synthetic materials, and even mother of pearl, your new floor will come to life. While all epoxy floor systems are durable, this one is almost indestructible, making it perfect for homes, commercial businesses, and industrial environments.

Clear Epoxy Floor Coating

Clear Epoxy Floor Coating

Metallic Epoxy

Another one of the best epoxy floor systems contains metallic flakes. Along with a broad range of color choices, the installer can add a slight or dense volume of chips that make the surface shimmer and shine. Depending on what you choose, your floor will transform into patinas that look like genuine silver, aged bronze, or nickel. As for additives, some consist of reflective pigments, while others are metallic powders. Again, metallic flake epoxy floor systems look incredible for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Garage Floor Coatings

Most people associate epoxy floor systems with garage floors since they are the most popular choice. Along with incredible colors, these floors are resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, stains, and abrasions. Because of that, they will provide years of service at your Orlando home yet remain beautiful.

The Best Options Using Stamped Concrete for a Talent Agency

Stamped Concrete Mats

Stamped Concrete Mats

When it comes to using stamped concrete in an Orlando talent agency, there is no right or wrong solution. However, there are some recommendations to get the most incredible look possible. In recent years, the number of talent agencies cropping up in Florida has increased. As a result, this industry is now facing some fierce competition, and every company is vying for the same skilled people.

If you have this kind of business, it is essential to make both performers and their managers feel welcomed. An excellent way to accomplish this is with new stamped concrete floors. After all, the first thing that people will notice when walking through your doors is the floor, so you want it to make a good first impression. Remember, something as simple as a floor can have a positive or negative impact.

You need to consider the type of talent agency that you have in Orlando. For example, if you seek out skilled artists for commercials, television shows, or movies, you want to keep things classy yet unique. Breaking into that field is difficult, so you want your new floors to represent you in a positive light. In other words, you want people to feel confident that you can make the connections they need. In this case, stamped concrete that appears like slate or flagstone is ideal.

Classy Stamped Overlay

Classy Stamped Concrete Overlay

On the other hand, if your Orlando talent agency focuses more on finding gifted musicians, you might want to go with more color and perhaps a unique design. For this, consider using more than one effect, like mixing different styles, colors, and textures. People would find a brightly colored floor that resembles wood blended with cobblestone both interesting and inspiring.

Whether you go with stamped concrete that looks like brick, wood, cobblestone, river rock, slate, flagstone, or something entirely different, a new floor will help your talent agency stand out. Not only will people feel confident that you can help them, but everyone who visits your business will remember its name.

Essential Decorative Concrete Tools for Concrete Projects in Orlando

Decorative Concrete Tools

Decorative Concrete Tools

When hiring a licensed professional for a project at your Orlando home, you want someone with experience and expertise. However, you also want a person who utilizes the right decorative concrete tools. That way, you know the job will get done correctly.

The type of decorative concrete tools depends on the project. For example, installing stamped concrete requires unique tools of the trade. Experts know the value of using superior-quality tools. For that reason, they choose carefully. Following are some examples of the types of tools used in the Decorative concrete industry.

  • Float – A Bull or Wood float gets used to fill voids, level ridges, and smooth a concrete surface in preparation of using a trowel. A float is different from a trowel in that it does not require the installer to get close to the decorative concrete surface it is often used on long extended pole. Another purpose of using a float is to help push down coarse aggregate and bring paste to the surface to provide a better finish later.
  • Trowel – For a smooth yet hard and dense surface, professionals use trowels after floating. Sometimes, professionals use machine trowels or power trowels, while other times, troweling gets done by hand. For the latter, the finishing expert will trowel the area often kneeling on wide wooden knee boards to prevent sinking in to the wet concrete.  When necessary, the installer can attach a long handle to the trowel, perfect for finishing concrete without walking out onto the surface.
  • Groover – A groover is also among the most important decorative concrete tools. Not only is this used for creating joints or grooves in the concrete, it also helps control the area where cracks might form when concrete contracts due to shrinkage or a change in temperature.
  • Stamps – When having stamped concrete installed, patterned stamps, which look like oversized cookie cutters, get placed on top of freshly poured concrete. Available in virtually hundreds of distinct patterns, these create unique designs, such as cobblestone, wood, slate, brick, flagstone, and even fossils and leaves.

All of these tools can be useless in the hands of an inexperienced contractor.  Stamped concrete can take many years to master and for the DIYer we always suggest starting with a small reasonable sized project to start before refining your skills on larger areas.

3 Ways to Track Down Quality Decorative Concrete Contractors in Orlando

Trained decorative concrete contractor

Trained decorative concrete contractors

Before you hire just anyone to install decorative concrete at your Orlando home or business, it is imperative to do your homework. The goal is to find the most qualified local contractor possible with years of experience and specialized skills for the type of decorative concrete that you want to have installed. Without that, there is an excellent chance of the project turning into a disaster.

Following are some suggestions for identifying the top decorative concrete contractors in your area.

  • Respected Suppliers – Some of the best suppliers of decorative concrete materials and tools can suggest a contractor for your project. Instead of hunting down a specific name, you might start by contacting top-rated suppliers and see who their best installers/clients are.
  • Personal References – If you know of someone who recently had a project done, ask who they used. Just make sure the recommended contractor performed the same type of work. In other words, if you want stamped concrete installed in the entry of your home or the waiting room at your office, then you need to get referrals only for professionals who deal with the installation of stamped concrete. The reason is that not all decorative concrete contractors have the qualifications to work on all projects.
  • Online Agencies – You can find qualified contractors by checking sites like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau also, check local industry-related associations and organizations in Orlando, which can provide you with names of the top decorative concrete contractors in the area.

Once you have three or four names, you need to do your due diligence. That includes asking which products they use, the number of years in the industry, any areas of specialty, training, insurance, licensing, and certification. Then, you can narrow the list of several decorative concrete contractors down to just one. Even then, be sure to get a contract in writing so there is no miscommunication regarding your project.