Acrylic Primer


Rapid Set Acrylic Primer improves adhesion with self-leveling products. This primer reduces pinholes and bubbles from forming on the finished surface.


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Rapid Set® ACRYLIC PRIMER is a concentrated acrylic primer that improves the adhesion of Rapid Set self-leveling flooring products to prepared concrete. ACRYLIC PRIMER acts to prevent pinholes from forming in the finished surface. SURFACE PREPARATION: ACRYLIC PRIMER is intended for use on prepared concrete. Surface must be dry, porous, clean, sound, and free of oil, curing compounds, dust, mastic and other bond breakers. Mechanically profile the surface by shot blasting or grinding. Acid etching the concrete surface is not recommended.


  1. Shake well to ensure there is no sediment in the container bottom and to thoroughly mix the primer.
  2. Mix with water at low speed using a drill and paint mixer in a clean container. For normal concrete, mix at a ratio of 1 part primer to 1 part water. Excessively absorbent concrete surfaces require multiple coats with the first coat mixed at 1 part primer to 3 parts water.
  3. Apply primer to substrate and work into the concrete surface with a soft-bristle push broom. (Paint roller or spray application will not achieve sufficient coverage.)
  4. Spread evenly to avoid puddles and to thoroughly coat the surface. Maintain material, surface, and ambient temperatures above 50°F (10°C).
  5. Apply Rapid Set self-leveling flooring products when the primer is thoroughly dry. If more than 24 hours have elapsed, reapply primer.

Note | Additional coats must be mixed at 1 part primer to 1 part water. Allow each coat to dry and become tack free. Repeat as necessary until the final coat of primer stays wet for at least 20 minutes. Lower temperatures and/or higher humidity will extend drying time.

COVERAGE  |  400 ft2 to 600 ft2 (37 m2 to 56 m2) per gallon.

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