Premium Fast Strip


Premium Fast Strip is a strong emulsifier that is pH neutral, stays wet, contains no solvents, and can be cleaned up with water. It will remove VCT glue, carpet glue, water-based epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartic, acrylic, and when diluted can be used to remove graffiti. Fast Strip does not contain Methylene Chloride.


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Fast Strip is a high effective industrial coating, sealer and adhesive remover. It’s based on a strong emulsifier won’t dry out like other strippers.


▪ Removes multiple layers in one application
▪ Effective on acrylics, wb epoxies & enamels
▪ Strong emulsifier package lifts sealer in 15-20 min
▪ Water soluble clean rinse technology
▪ Spray-able
▪ Algae and mold Inhibitor
▪ Inhibits weed growth
▪ VOC compliant <100 g/L
▪ Methylene chloride and caustic free
▪ Not Flammable


  • Appearance Slight haze
  • Viscosity 500-800 cps
  • Odor Citrus Fragrance
  • Specific Gravity 1.13


200 to 500 sq. ft. per gallon


Invert can few times to mix contents.


  1. Pour contents into a pump-up sprayer system, cover and or dampen with water any grass or plants and flowers they may come into contact with stripper over spray. (Can also be applied using a ½ nap roller.)
  2. Uniformly apply a flood coat Fast Strip. Hold sprayer tip 12” from the surface.
  3. Let sit 15-20 minutes until sealer starts to turn grayish or shows signs of peeling.
  4. Using a plastic putty knife should be able to scrap failed sealer from the substrate.
  5. At this point ready to rinse using a pressure washer. Use a fan tip as zero tip will leave spray lines the substrate.

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