SureFinish is an industrial floor wax product providing exceptional coating protection for both residential and commercial applications where a durable floor protection is needed with a slip-resistant finish. Available in both gloss and matte finishes, our floor wax product can be applied with a mop on conventional floors including terrazzo, quarry tile, brick, slate,  ceramic tile, Mexican tile, and stone surfaces is helpful to protect and make shine makes SureCrete commercial grade floor wax the smarter choice.


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SureFinish is and industrial floor wax ,available in  both a gloss and matte finish. SureCrete’s floor wax is recommended for use on vinyl asbestos, customize vinyl, reinforced vinyl, asphalt, and other types of resilient floors for both residential and commercial applications. When a slip resistant floor finish is needed that has an excellent scuff, scratch floor finishes waxes, and detergent resistance ensures maximum wear with a minimum of maintenance on new wax finish floor.

What is Floor Wax? Floor wax is a sacrificial coating to protect a coating or flooring system from scratching or damaging a surface. Floor waxes can come in gloss or matte finishes and when burnished or polished, it can have a high-gloss shinny appearance.

In areas where your finished floor is going to see lots of foot traffic with a nonslip coating, our floor wax is a sacrificial wax coating is often necessary to ensure the floor’s design is not permanently damaged by abrasive wear and tear. Wax for concrete floors SureFinish provides an excellent protective, or surface wear barrier in both residential and commercial applications and is applied just as simply as any other wax coating, but without the hassle of having to buff anything out. Our wax can give a polished look that will help make floors cleaning easier with a five-star rating from our supply centers.



  • First Coat: Approx 1,500 ft² (139 m²) per gallon (3.8 L)
  • Subsequent Coats: Approx 2,000 – 3,000 ft² (186 – 279 m²) per gallon (3.8 L)


Meets ASTM 2047 standard for slip resistance in floor coatings. The addition of SureFinish to any surface will increase slip resistance.

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