Tru-Alpha 100%


Tru-Alpha 100% is a self-leveling, two-component, high gloss epoxy floor coating.


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Coatings Solutions Tru-Alpha 100% Solids Self Leveling Epoxy is a 2 part kit that requires two parts epoxy resin to one part epoxy hardener. Typically used for metallic epoxy finishes, this product creates a high gloss thick build coating. Available in tint bases, premixed colors, and clear.

Typical Applications: metallic epoxy, solids color epoxy floors, and approved for retail, commercial, workshop, garage, and high traffic floors.


Surface Preparation
Grind concrete floors to CSP-3, vacuum dust, wipe with Denatured alcohol. Apply Epoxy-Silane Moisture Mitigating Epoxy at spread rate of 150-180 sq. ft. per gallon. (See product label for further instruction.) Allow 12 hours to dry.

Add Part B to Part A Mix for 2 minutes with mechanical mixing. Wearing spike shoes immediately pour mixed material on the floor.

Pour mixed material on the floor in 12” ribbons. While wearing spiked shoes back roll with lint-free 3/16” epoxy roller. If Metallic application, do not back roll move
material using magic trowel. Add second color or spritz alcohol for moon-rock effects.



Viscosity Mixed                 Brookfield           500-750 cps
Shore-D Hardness            ASTM D2240        89-91
Compressive Strength    ASTM D695          16,500 psi
Adhesion to Concrete     ASTMD 4541        600psi
Tensile                                 ASTM D638          3850 psi
Flexural Modulus             ASTM D790          4700 psi
Koenig Hardness              ASTM D4366        145
Tabor Abrasion                 ASTM D4060        22 mgs lost
Coefficient of Friction     ASTM 2047          < .60
VOC                                                                     < less than 50 grams/lite

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