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TXP™ Fast two component, alkali resistant, 5-gallon epoxy primer is designed to be used with self-leveling TRU products. This is a 100% solids primer that is ready for overlayment within 4-6 hours. This product increases penetration into the substrate and increases adhesion for overlayments. Tested in accordance with: ASTM D2196, D2240, D695, D790.


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Rapid Set® TXP™ FAST is a two-component, 100% solids, high performance, fast-setting, epoxy primer. It is designed for use with Rapid Set® TRU® flooring products. TXP FAST has been specially formulated to have excellent substrate wetting capabilities to promote penetration and adhesion. It allows broadcast sand to be well suspended for excellent overlayment adhesion. Overlayment can be placed in 4-6 hours. TXP FAST is moisture tolerant and resistant to elevated pH levels. It is not designed to be a moisture vapor barrier.


TXP FAST is used on properly prepared concrete. Surface must be dry, porous, clean, sound, and free of grease, oil, curing compounds, dust, mastic and other contaminants or bond breakers. Mechanically profile the surface to achieve ICRI Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) 3-5. Shot blasting is the best method to prepare the substrate. Acid etching the concrete surface is not permitted. Upon completion of mechanical preparation, remove all shot, dust, dirt and debris. Determine the substrate Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER) per ASTM F1869 prior to placing TXP FAST. Acceptable substrates have an MVER less than or equal to 10 lbs/1,000 sq. ft. per 24 hours and relative humidity less than or equal to 100%.

TXP Fast Mixing

Organize work so that all personnel and equipment are in place before mixing. Mix Part A for 2 minutes with a drill and Jiffy-type paint mixer. Add the entire contents of Part B to the entire contents of Part A and mix for an additional 2 minutes. Proper proportioning and homogenization are absolutely critical for success; do not attempt to mix partial kits. Use the drill and Jiffy-type mixer to mix at slow
speed (less than 500 rpm) to avoid air entrainment. Do not hand mix. Ensure that the material from the sides and bottom of the pail has been thoroughly mixed in.

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