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Using Concrete Products for Unique Vertical Applications

Living in Orlando means you want your structures to be both weather resistant and durable. Concrete meets the bill as an ideal building material. Many industrial buildings are already built from concrete, but when you think of concrete used in the home, you probably think of typical flatwork products, like sidewalks, driveways, and patios. However, concrete can be the solution for your vertical surfaces as well.

Stamped concrete products as well as concrete overlays, commonly used in outdoor patio spaces, can also be used to create visually stunning beams, columns, and walls. Even products like decorative gateposts, mailbox posts, or signposts can be made from concrete.

Sprayed vertical concrete material

Sprayed vertical concrete material

Using concrete doesn’t limit you to a bland gray surface, either. Orlando concrete experts can use stamps and coloring products to make concrete surfaces look like almost anything, including brick, slate, granite, or even wood. They can also use overlay products, like those made by SureCrete, in order to resurface and recolor old, ugly, or damaged concrete.

Decorative concrete solutions are available for almost any building need, and as companies like Butterfield Color continue to develop new concrete stamp patterns and coloring techniques, the decorative concrete industry continues to grow. Although decorative concrete started out as a niche industry, more and more people are learning about concrete’s wide-ranging potential as a building material. In response, both contractors and materials companies continue to innovate, and many new products continue to become available for those looking to build and decorate with concrete.

So, if you live in Orlando and plan to build or remodel a home, office, or other structure, you should consider concrete. As a building material, it can provide you with an aesthetically appealing solution that is also durable and weather resistant.

3 Reasons to Rent Concrete Stamp Mats for Your Next Job

Stamped Concrete Mats

If you’re planning a concrete project, you probably want to get away with purchasing as few supplies as possible. Fortunately, there are rentals available. Concrete stamp mats are among the hottest rentals for do-it-yourselfers and contractors alike. Check out the benefits of renting these pads, and then you’ll be ready to secure some stamp mats for your next project.

Transforms Drab Concrete Into Fabulous Designs

On its own, concrete is rather plain. It doesn’t look fancy or all that exciting. However, if you use concrete stamps, you can turn concrete into a fun or elegant design. These rubber stamps give you the power to create the type of look and pattern you want. Whether you want to add a bit of funk to a patio or a dash of elegance to a concrete driveway slab, the stamp mats offered at Select Surface Solutions have you covered.

Increases the Resale Value of the Property

Whenever you do a property improvement project,  you want to add to the overall appeal and value of the property. Using stamped concrete by renting concrete stamp mats for your next project can help you do just that. Stamped concrete is more attractive, so you can sell your property for more that you could with standard plain grey concrete. If you’re a contractor, you can use that as a selling point for your services.

Less Overhead More Selection

You can rent concrete stamps to use with a stampable topping, like SureStamp, or with a standard concrete mix for your interior or exterior project.  Renting allows you a wider variety of finishes and patterns while having someone else pick up the tab for the large upfront investment in the mats.  From textured skins, to cobblestone designs, we carry a vast selection and can always custom order to your specifications.  We also sell stamp mats if you insist on keeping them in your inventory for regular use or very large projects.



How the XS Precast Concrete Countertop Mix Outshines the Competitors

precast concrete countertop mix

Picking the right precast concrete countertop mix is important. The right mix is easy to work with and allows you to achieve the desired results. When you’re looking at mixes, you will find that XS Precast Countertop Mix stands out against the competition. It has countless benefits that you won’t get with other mixes.

Less Labor Intensive

When compared to other mixes, XS Precast Concrete Countertop Mix produces lighter slabs that are easier to handle. The slabs are hundreds of pounds lighter, so you don’t need a room full of people to lift a 700-pound slab. The slabs are lighter because the mix contains a glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) hybrid. GFRC is much lighter than traditional concrete is.

You Can Leave Your Strong Casting Tables in the Warehouse

Hauling strong casting tables from one jobsite to the next is hard work. You need strong people to haul the equipment back and forth, and it takes up a lot of time. You can avoid this problem by using the XS Precast Concrete Countertop Mix. You can get away with a smaller table when you use the mix. It just needs to be flat and strong enough to hold the slab.

It Can Take a Beating

Unlike other precast concrete mixes, this mix can take a beating. It doesn’t crack easily, and it can bend. If you don’t want to worry about cracks ruining your countertops, this mix is a must.

You Can Make Large Slabs

If you’re working with traditional concrete, you will likely have to break the countertop up into 8-foot slabs. Each slab will weigh around 300 pounds. If you use this GFRC hybrid, you can make longer pieces so you won’t have to deal with as many seams.

XS Precast Concrete Countertop Mix can make your job much easier. The lighter material is more durable and requires fewer workers. This makes it the clear winner.


Benefits of Renting Concrete Stamp Mats Over Buying Them

Stamp Concrete Mats

The process of imprinting patterns into fresh concrete, known as concrete stamping, makes it possible to create a high-end look similar to brick or stone at a lower cost using concrete stamp mats. Also sometimes known as imprinted or textured concrete, stamped concrete can replicate a variety of different textures, including tile, flagstone, brick, slate, and even wood. Such designs are appropriate for an array of projects, such as entries, driveways, pool decks, patios, courtyards, and more. The key to achieving the desired designs is using quality concrete stamp mats.

Concrete Stamp Pattern

Concrete Stamp Pattern

When faced with the decision of buying or renting concrete stamp mats, contractors will often find that renting mats makes far more sense than buying them outright. This can be a particularly beneficial approach if you only need to use a stamp one time for a single project. Renting concrete stamp mats presents the opportunity to rent more stamps and perform a better job than trying to skimp on a project by only using two or three stamps when you really need a dozen to complete the job.

If you are just starting a new business, you may find that renting concrete stamp mats is also better for your bottom line than purchasing mats. Likewise, if you are attempting a new design, renting stamp mats gives you far more flexibility to be creative with your design than if you were to purchase the mats. This can be particularly true if you are not sure yet whether you will use the mats again in the future. By renting, you can try out a design to see whether you like it. If you are not pleased with the outcome, you do not have to be worried about being tied down to an investment in the mat.


Best Choice in Cast Countertop Material for a Quality Job

Pre-cast concrete countertop material

As the demand for concrete countertops has increased, concrete contractors have worked to hone the techniques they use for creating beautiful, yet functional designs. The production of concrete countertops typically falls under two approaches: precast and cast-in-place. Many contractors use both approaches based on the specific project. In planning a precast project, it’s important for contractors to ensure they use the best cast countertop materials to ensure a quality job.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC, is considered among the best cast countertop materials. One of the reasons that GFRC is preferred for cast countertop materials is that it offers unrivaled flexibility along with a practically unlimited variety of shapes, textures, and colors.

The Benefits of GFRC for Cast Countertop Materials

Compared to many other materials, GFRC is lighter weight, which means it can be cast in far thinner sections. Compared to traditional concrete, GFRC can be up to 75 percent lighter. While glass fiber reinforced concrete is lightweight, it offers high strength. The flexural strength of GFRC can reach up to 4000 psi.

Additionally, this material provides incredible reinforcement. Due to the fact that glass fiber reinforced concrete is reinforced internally, this eliminates the need for any other type of reinforcement. In projects involving complex shapes, it can be difficult to incorporate such reinforcement, so this can be highly beneficial.

GFRC also offers the benefit of not cracking easily. In fact, this material can be cut without worrying about it chipping. Since this material is sprayed on, the surface finish is also of a greater quality. There are no voids. For projects requiring an extremely smooth finish, choosing the best cast countertop materials is essential. GFRC makes it possible to achieve a highly desired smooth surface. Likewise, GFRC is also quite adaptable. Poured or sprayed, this material can adapt to practically any complex shape.