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Unique Applications for Decorative Concrete Around Orlando Homes

Orlando Outdoor Concrete Kitchen
Concrete Fireplace Surround Orlando

Concrete Fireplace Surround Orlando

Like most people, you probably think of floors when discussing decorative concrete. While this is certainly an extremely popular choice for floors, decorative concrete in Orlando is used to enhance many horizontal and vertical surfaces in and around homes. Because this type of concrete application is used for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, there are few limitations.

One application in particular has experienced tremendous growth in popularity: Today, an increasing number of Orlando homeowners are choosing decorative concrete as a way of changing and enhancing fireplace surrounds. Available in many beautiful colors and applied to create different textures and patterns, this is one way to transform the home.

Water features are another unique application for decorative concrete in Orlando homes. Regardless of the water feature’s size, shape, or style, decorative concrete is a great way to make it more beautiful. In this case, you can choose colors that blend in perfectly or something that makes the water feature pop. Especially if the water feature is in a visible location, it is guaranteed that visitors will take notice.

Outdoor Concrete Fire Pit Orlando

Outdoor Concrete Fire Pit Orlando

In addition to indoor use, decorative concrete in Orlando is perfect for outdoor applications. As an example, if you spend a great deal of time outside with family and friends, it is important to have a nice patio area where everyone can congregate. However, instead of something ordinary, decorative concrete will completely change the look and feel of the patio floor, walls, and countertops. This type of concrete application can even enhance a fire pit.

If you have a swimming pool in the backyard, again, decorative concrete is an excellent way to add personality and character. For this, you might want to choose a color or color combination that is cohesive not only to the landscaping, but the home itself. Of course, with so many possibilities, you have freedom to be as creative as you like.

Six Reasons Why Concrete Floor Systems Make Perfect Sense for Business

Among the different flooring solutions available, a concrete floor system has become the preferred choice for all types of Orlando businesses. This is not by happenstance but because of very specific reasons, including:

Orlando Decorative Concrete Floor Systems

Orlando Decorative Concrete Coatings

  1. Durability – There is no question that durability is one of concrete flooring’s best attributes. Because a concrete floor system offers incredible resilience and strength, it is extremely difficult to damage. For certain commercial businesses, including workshops, mechanic shops, pet stores, retail shops, laundromats, and others high traffic areas, this is extremely important.
  1. Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance – A concrete floor system is popular for Orlando businesses due to the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Most commercial establishments with decorative concrete systems will maintain the floor once or twice yearly as recommended by the product manufacturer.  As for daily and ongoing cleaning, most concrete floors are simply swept, dust mopped, and damp mopped with a neutral cleaner as needed.
  1. Adaptability – There are amazing design options. In addition to multiple colors, a professional installer can create various textures and patterns. For example, acid-based stain creates a variegated and one-of-a-kind surface, while stamped concrete is used to mimic natural design elements, including stone, brick, slate, and wood, among others. Company logos can be engraved or embossed into the surface, and company colors can be incorporated into the overall design.
  1. Environmentally-Friendly – Many businesses in Orlando make environmentally-friendly decisions. Considered a “green” choice, seldom is there is there wasted material when having a concrete floor system installed.
  1. Long-Lasting Solution – Longevity is a huge reason that businesses in Orlando are choosing a concrete floor system. When a professional systems is installed by a experienced craftsmen, and the concrete surface is maintained as recommended, this flooring solution could last a lifetime.
  1. No VOCs – Unlike most other flooring materials, most concrete floor systems available today will not give off-gas toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This eliminates potential danger for people working at the business, and is friendlier to the environment.

Installing Concrete Patios at Restaurants to Entice Customers

Concrete Patio at a Restaurant

Old Classic Concrete Patio at a Restaurant

The restaurant business is a tough one, and drawing in the right customer base is key. Many first-time customers make their dining choice based on first impressions, so upping your curb appeal might be in order.

One of the best ways to draw customers into your restaurant is to create a pleasant atmosphere. Creating a unique ambiance in different spaces throughout your restaurant can provide an atmosphere that appeals to guests with a variety of tastes. In Orlando, where the weather is pleasant more often than not, this means taking advantage of outdoor spaces. One way to do so is by providing customers with an appealing place to sit and enjoy the beautiful outdoors on a decorative concrete patio.

Not only does creating an outdoor atmosphere for customers with a concrete deck or patio presents an opportunity to draw them in, utilizing this space effectively allows for yet another space that can appeal to customers’ wide-ranging tastes. Adding a deck, or remodeling an existing outdoor space, can provide your restaurant with a unique selling point that not only attracts customers but enhances your restaurant’s theme, as well.

Scofield supplies for high end decorative concrete systems.

Scofield supplies for high end decorative concrete systems. Available Here at Select Surface Solutions.

Whether your restaurant theme is considered “hip and modern,” “old and classic,” or anything in between, concrete can be an option that matches any style you have in mind. Once poured, it resembles the finish of materials as wide ranging as metal, wood, and brick.

If you want to add an outdoor space to your restaurant, or if you are looking at remodeling an existing outdoor space, a concrete deck might be the best possible solution. Modern decorative concrete provides a solution for almost any building need. Although concrete is durable enough to withstand the hurricane conditions sometimes found in Orlando, its major appeal to restaurant owners is likely its aesthetic appeal.

Using Concrete Products for Unique Vertical Applications

Living in Orlando means you want your structures to be both weather resistant and durable. Concrete meets the bill as an ideal building material. Many industrial buildings are already built from concrete, but when you think of concrete used in the home, you probably think of typical flatwork products, like sidewalks, driveways, and patios. However, concrete can be the solution for your vertical surfaces as well.

Stamped concrete products as well as concrete overlays, commonly used in outdoor patio spaces, can also be used to create visually stunning beams, columns, and walls. Even products like decorative gateposts, mailbox posts, or signposts can be made from concrete.

Sprayed vertical concrete material

Sprayed vertical concrete material

Using concrete doesn’t limit you to a bland gray surface, either. Orlando concrete experts can use stamps and coloring products to make concrete surfaces look like almost anything, including brick, slate, granite, or even wood. They can also use overlay products, like those made by SureCrete, in order to resurface and recolor old, ugly, or damaged concrete.

Decorative concrete solutions are available for almost any building need, and as companies like Butterfield Color continue to develop new concrete stamp patterns and coloring techniques, the decorative concrete industry continues to grow. Although decorative concrete started out as a niche industry, more and more people are learning about concrete’s wide-ranging potential as a building material. In response, both contractors and materials companies continue to innovate, and many new products continue to become available for those looking to build and decorate with concrete.

So, if you live in Orlando and plan to build or remodel a home, office, or other structure, you should consider concrete. As a building material, it can provide you with an aesthetically appealing solution that is also durable and weather resistant.

3 Reasons to Rent Concrete Stamp Mats for Your Next Job

Stamped Concrete Mats

If you’re planning a concrete project, you probably want to get away with purchasing as few supplies as possible. Fortunately, there are rentals available. Concrete stamp mats are among the hottest rentals for do-it-yourselfers and contractors alike. Check out the benefits of renting these pads, and then you’ll be ready to secure some stamp mats for your next project.

Transforms Drab Concrete Into Fabulous Designs

On its own, concrete is rather plain. It doesn’t look fancy or all that exciting. However, if you use concrete stamps, you can turn concrete into a fun or elegant design. These rubber stamps give you the power to create the type of look and pattern you want. Whether you want to add a bit of funk to a patio or a dash of elegance to a concrete driveway slab, the stamp mats offered at Select Surface Solutions have you covered.

Increases the Resale Value of the Property

Whenever you do a property improvement project,  you want to add to the overall appeal and value of the property. Using stamped concrete by renting concrete stamp mats for your next project can help you do just that. Stamped concrete is more attractive, so you can sell your property for more that you could with standard plain grey concrete. If you’re a contractor, you can use that as a selling point for your services.

Less Overhead More Selection

You can rent concrete stamps to use with a stampable topping, like SureStamp, or with a standard concrete mix for your interior or exterior project.  Renting allows you a wider variety of finishes and patterns while having someone else pick up the tab for the large upfront investment in the mats.  From textured skins, to cobblestone designs, we carry a vast selection and can always custom order to your specifications.  We also sell stamp mats if you insist on keeping them in your inventory for regular use or very large projects.