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How SCOFIELD Revive Exterior Concrete Stain Works on Orlando Concrete

Concrete stain orlando

Concrete stain Orlando- Revive by Scofield

When you want your exterior concrete to have new color, you want a concrete stain that Orlando weather can’t even infiltrate. You need something that is going to stand up to the wear and tear, UV rays, and everything that can be thrown at it. SCOFIELD Revive Concrete Stain is a superior VOC-compliant product that is ideal for adding new color to concrete. It can also be used to renew the color uniformity of concrete that was previously colored. Patches can be concealed and repairs can be hidden.

How SCOFIELD Revive Works

Rather than just coloring the concrete on the surface, SCOFIELD Revive penetrates the concrete. It reacts with the concrete so that it becomes a part of the surface rather than a separate entity. There is no film when it’s said and done, but there is an attractive luster that will make it appear as if new concrete was laid down. SCOFIELD Revive is designed for easy installation on horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces using rollers and hand-pump sprayers.

Where Can You USE SCOFIELD Revive?

Because SCOFIELD Revive can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces, it can be used to revive the following surfaces:

  • Concrete with uneven color
  • Faded concrete
  • Concrete with mismatched color
  • Uncolored and unsealed concrete
  • Colored and unsealed concrete
  • Concrete hardscapes

There is also a wide range of colors of this concrete stain that Orlando property owners will love. There are variations of brown, gray, tan, beige, and red. This product is a surefire way to make a statement. Because the outside of a residence or commercial establishment makes the first impression, it is very important to take great care ensuring it looks great for the long term. As soon as colors begin fading or it is simply time for a new look, SCOFIELD Revive is a fast way to make sure that the first impression is always a good one.

Top Decorative Concrete Brands: SCOFIELD and Polytek Now Available at Select Surface Solutions!

PolytekreviveTwo top brands in the decorative concrete industry have made quite an impact in Orlando: SCOFIELD and Polytek. Now you can get products from both of these industry-leading companies at Select Surface Solutions. Both companies manufacture high-quality and long-lasting products that take regular concrete and make it look great. They are perfect for when you are looking for decorative concrete solutions that meet your specific needs and preferences.

Decorative Concrete Solutions for Orlando Homes and Businesses

Depending on whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor solution, there are different types of coatings and stains available. For instance, SCOFIELD has stain products, such as its Revive stain that comes in a wide range of colors. Once the concrete is colored, it can be sealed with SCOFIELD Selectseal Plus. Having the concrete sealed is a great way to ensure it stands up to the many abuses that the surface goes through on a daily basis.

Polytek has an innovative line of products.

Polyurethane mold rubbers are excellent for casting concrete, plaster, wax and limited resins and are very economical.

Silicone mold rubbers are the best choice for reproducing numerous resin castings (polyurethane, polyester, epoxy) andpolyurethane foam parts. Silicones are more expensive, but have greater chemical resistance and longer mold life when resin casting. Both tin-cured and platinum-cured liquid silicones are available.

Latex mold rubbers are used primarily to create molds for casting decorative concrete statuary and are generally less popular due to the length of time required to make the mold.

Polyurethane and silicone rubbers are most popular as molds can be completed within a day!


Providing Modern Solutions

Select Surface Solutions keeps up with industry trends and the latest technologies.  We pride ourselves on having the newest and best products on the market.  Come by our showroom or sign up for your industry leading training and stay ahead of your competition.

What Buying Decorative Concrete Products Wholesale Means To You

Decorative concrete products

Decorative concrete products

As a contractor in the decorative concrete and coatings industry, you understand that the bottom line has a large part to do with material costs associated with the job.  Not only does the cost of the products matter, their quality and longevity play a significant role as well.  Lets say for example you decide to use a local hardware store brand for a concrete repair project.  These materials are often for the DIY’er and are not as robust and durable as a professional grade product.  Although you might save pennies per square foot in material, imagine the cost to tear out and redo a project a few month later because of failed material.

Select Surface Solutions in Orlando, FL offers only top quality commercial grade decorative concrete products, coatings and tools that will guarantee the best and longest lasting results possible.  We buy in bulk and as a decorative concrete products wholesaler we then pass on the saving to our customers.  We carry a huge inventory of the most popular products as well as a great selection of specialty coatings and tools.

Our dealership also carries rental tools and concrete stamp mats so that you won’t have to carry the burden of owning these large expensive mats that only get used every so often.

By keeping inventory levels high you can rest assured we will have the decorative concrete products you need for almost any project.  If you are working on an extra large job, call us ahead of time and we will bring in exactly what you need and keep it dry and fresh for when you are ready to pick it up or have it delivered.

In case you aren’t sure what we carry please stop on by or call us anytime.  Here is just a taste of the various products we carry.

Decorative Concrete Overlays
Concrete Patch & Repair
Concrete Stain & Colorants
Polished Concrete
Epoxy Floor Systems
Stamped Concrete
Densifiers & Waterproofing
Interior & Exterior Sealers
Concrete Countertop Mixes
Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)
Lightweight Concrete Casting Mixes
Vertical Concrete Coatings
Stenciled Concrete,
Tools & Equipment

How Architectural Concrete Products in Orlando Are Revolutionizing Building Design

Architectural Concrete Products

Architectural Concrete Products

Over the past few years, architectural concrete products have started to revolutionize modern building design in Orlando. Known as architectural precast concrete, these products change the build environment. Used in restaurants, retail shops, homes, commercial spaces, and more, these products can offer dramatic results with a range of customizable expressions while being fully functional.

Architectural precast products offer numerous advantages. For instance, the concrete is flexible, extremely durable, and long-lasting. These products are also low maintenance, easy to clean, and even resistant to fire. Because of this, these concrete products can be turned into a broad range of design features that complement different design styles. Although architectural concrete products are already popular in Orlando, they have not yet reached their full potential.

Today, developers of high-rise buildings are vying for much the same client. To attract tenants and buyers, developers are making buildings taller and more elaborate. With architectural concrete products, Orlando developers have an even greater advantage. For residential towers and high-rise offices, these products create a luxurious aesthetic that is appealing to the rich and famous. However, these same products are just as beneficial when used in commercial structures and lower-rise offices where durability is essential.

One of the biggest reasons that architectural concrete products are in such high demand in Orlando is the limitless design potential. When forms are customized, they can be used for creating panels with precise shapes and dimensions. These products add joints, reveals, patterns, and a host of other architectural expressions to the panel surface.

Castable concrete products

Castable concrete products

Learn more about castable concrete products by Surecrete>>

Something else to consider is that architectural products in Orlando can be designed with special color effects. This is accomplished by using various aggregates, pigments, and sands. Even textures can be created by using varying levels of sandblasting treatments. For an even more special aesthetic, these products can be enhanced with brick veneers, stone, or tile.

A Great Choice for Commercial Flooring in Orlando

Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring

Commercial establishments demand a lot from their flooring. Warehouses, factories, storage facilities, department stores, auto dealer showrooms, and many other establishments put their floors through a lot of abuse. For example, a concrete warehouse floor may experience forklift and pallet jack traffic. This type of traffic can cause the concrete to wear quickly, resulting in premature floor repairs or replacement. Fortunately, there is a popular type of commercial flooring in Orlando that can combat the effects of heavy traffic and abuse so that flooring lasts longer. That flooring type is polished concrete.

Commercial Flooring in Orlando That Lasts

Select Surface Solutions has seen a rise in the number of requests for polished concrete. Aesthetically, it adds to the appearance of a room or work area. Environmentally, a high-gloss polished concrete floor can reduce the need for full overhead lighting because natural and artificial light is reflected. Furthermore, new installation technology makes polished concrete more desirable because the speed in which it is installed reduces expensive downtime. Best of all, polished concrete lasts longer than simple exposed concrete. By opting to have the concrete floor polished, the life of the concrete is extended. Even if the concrete floor to be polished has damage, it only needs to be repaired then polished.

A Low-Maintenance Option That Saves Time and Resources

Another aspect of concrete polishing that makes it the desired choice for commercial flooring in Orlando is that it requires little maintenance. This stain- and scratch-resistant flooring option doesn’t require extensive cleaning. That means there may be no need for heavy cleaning machines and abrasive chemicals. The business is also able to focus more on production and less on facility maintenance, which is just one more reason why this VOC-free flooring option is popular in Orlando.