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Draw People to Your Orlando Day Spa with Beautiful Stamped Concrete Surfaces

Day Spa with Stamped Concrete

Day Spa with Stamped Concrete

While Orlando is famous for many things, three stand out: theme parks, restaurants, and day spas. That means if you own a day spa in this city, you have a lot of competition. Even with an outstanding staff, you need to take unique measures to draw people inside. Although it might sound odd, beautiful stamped concrete surfaces can help.

People typically relate the quality of service or experience by how the company represents itself. If potential customers walk into a day spa in Orlando with cold, white walls, gray floors, and bright lighting, they will likely go elsewhere. However, if they enter a business with beautiful floors, warm-colored walls, and soft accent lighting, they will immediately feel relaxed.

One great thing about stamped concrete is that in addition to transforming boring floors, it can completely change the look and feel of multiple surfaces. In fact, you could have one or more walls enhanced with a stamped texture, as well as countertops and more.

The other incredible aspect of stamped concrete is that a professional installer can create a myriad of designs. As an example, a floor that looks like genuine hardwood in your Orlando day spa would appeal to many people. You can also select designs that look like brick, cobblestone, flagstone, and slate, among others.

No matter the direction you take, stamped concrete applications will make your day spa look inviting. Along with people who see the design elements while passing by, you have an opportunity to market your business online by highlighting its new look.

You can even have a different stamped design created for various rooms, giving each a unique personality. For a rain shower room, you might consider stamped concrete that mimics river rock. In a room where your massage therapist works their magic, you could choose beautiful brick. You also can select from a broad range of colors that will entice customers.

Beautiful Concrete Coatings in Orlando Homes and Businesses

Stamped concrete overlay on driveway

Stamped concrete coatings overlay on driveway

If your goal is to achieve a beautiful concrete coating inside or outside your Orlando home or business, remember that the details matter. If you drive around looking at different decorative concrete projects, you would quickly notice that some look fantastic and others subpar. The reason for the difference is that for perfect projects, the expert installers paid attention to every detail.

Regardless of the concrete coatings that you like best, attention to detail can turn something ordinary into something spectacular. For decorative concrete, it is imperative that you leave the work to a skilled concrete coating installer who uses only superior-quality products. That way, your finished project will fall into the “fantastic” category as opposed to the “subpar.”

Stamped Concrete Coatings

Take stamped concrete as a perfect example. Whether selecting a design that looks like wood, brick, stone, or some other material, there is a distinction between good and bad based on the details. You want the mimicked material to look so real that no one can tell the difference.

To achieve that goal, the expert would focus on every design element and color. That person would rely on quality formwork, make careful color choices, add incredible detailing, and so on. Ultimately, you would end up with a finished patio, pool deck, floor, driveway, or some other surface that looks realistic.

An expert will take their time to ensure that all edges of the slab are straight unless a curve is part of the overall design. As for color, they would study the real material to gain a better understanding of how to make the new surface look precisely the same. After all, flagstone has different coloring than slate. For all stamped designs, detail is critical.

Specific to stamped concrete coatings, perhaps one of the most important factors is detailing of the joints. A professional installer follows a strategic plan when using the many stamp mats. That prevents a host of issues that could compromise the project’s overall appearance. For a project that you feel proud of at your Orlando home or business, the details matter.

Tips That Orlando Residents Can Follow for Maintaining Floors with Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings for a durable finish

Epoxy coatings for a durable finish

Whether you had epoxy floors installed inside your Orlando home, or in the garage, you want to know the right way to keep them looking new for years. Fortunately, you can follow the tips provided. You will discover how easy it is to keep this flooring system in pristine condition.

Remember, epoxy coatings are resistant to stains, abrasions, impact, chemicals, water, hot tire marks, and more. Because of that, they require little attention to stay beautiful. Even so, there are a few things you can do to enhance those natural qualities.

For starters, you need to sweep or vacuum loose dirt and debris as needed. The frequency would depend on the location of your epoxy coatings. For instance, when used as a garage flooring solution, you would have to do this more often. Inside your Orlando home, a kitchen would probably need sweeping more frequently than a bedroom.

In addition, you should thoroughly mop epoxy floors four to five times a year. Again, the frequency depends on the location. For extra-dirty floors, you can mop more often. For floors that stay relatively clean, mopping two to three times a year would suffice. Now, if you have floors installed in a family room or nursery where children play and crawl around, you might want to increase the frequency of mopping.

If someone spills something on the floors, all you need is a damp, clean cloth. For more stubborn stains, you can use a soft-bristled brush with hot soapy water or a commercial cleaning product formulated for epoxy coatings. Having a second layer of protection makes cleaning and maintenance even easier. Also, make sure the installer uses a high-quality product for the epoxy itself not a lower grade DIY version often found in local hardware or Home improvement centers.  Check out some Commercial grade epoxy coatings available through Select surface solutions.

How a Decorative Concrete Overlay can Help Mom-and-Pop Shops Compete with Large Companies

Decorative concrete overlay in Sushi Restaurant

Decorative concrete overlay in Sushi Restaurant

While it is exciting to start a small business, it is essential to take specific steps to compete with larger companies. Not only do you need to sell an exceptional product or service and offer outstanding customer support, but you also need to pay attention to how you visually present your business to both existing customers and prospects. Something as simple as decorative concrete overlays is enough to give you the edge that you need.

For example, if you have a corner café surrounded by well-known restaurants, you need a fantastic menu and spot-on service. However, to draw people inside your doors, you want to make the place inviting. Even from the outside, you can use decorative concrete overlays to get attention. Beautiful floors stamped to look like genuine brick, wood, or rock are just one way to accomplish that.

Once inside, you need to continue with an innovative design. Instead of an ordinary countertop, you can use decorative concrete overlays to leave a positive impression. In addition to beautiful colors, textures, and patterns, you can embellish the countertops using things like aggregates, sparkly flecks of metal, quartz beads, or vinyl acrylic paint chips.

Concrete overlay in Pizza Restaurant

Concrete overlay in Pizza Restaurant

Regardless of the type of business you have, decorative concrete overlays serve as a foundation on which to build everything else. In addition to floors and countertops, you can use this solution to create one-of-a-kind walls, fireplace surrounds, water features, fire pits, and more. Just remember that along with designing a beautiful interior, you need to enhance outside areas, like a patio, walkway, and so on.

With so many unique overlay options, you can achieve any look that you want. If you want a business that looks elegant and sophisticated or casual and whimsical, no problem. With the right product installed by an expert, you can take some of the customers away from your larger competitors.

What Does Decorative Concrete Training Involve?

Have you ever visited a home or business where the decorative concrete floors, countertops, patios, pool decks, or other surfaces blew you away? If so, there is no question that a professional installer did the work. Although there are DIY kits on the market, for exceptional results, this type of project requires expertise.

The increasing popularity of concrete overlays, coatings, and finishes has opened the doors of opportunity for people interested in starting a rewarding career. However, to work as a qualified installer, individuals must complete decorative concrete training from a reputable source. That way, they know the proper way to transform any indoor or outdoor surface.

Through decorative concrete training, these people gain tremendous insight. An excellent training program covers many topics, including those listed below.

  • Product Knowledge – For installers to recommend, design, and install various overlays, coatings, and finishes, they need to learn about the products. Typically, the products consist of those offered by the decorative concrete company that provides the training. However, along with specific products, installers learn about formulas and where best to use them. Training also covers the addition of quartz beads, colored glass, aggregates, fossils, seashells, and a host of other materials.
  • Applications – Also included in decorative concrete training is the application of different overlays, coatings, and finishes. As a perfect example, some products work incredibly well for both vertical and horizontal surfaces while some do not. The same goes for indoor and outdoor applications. The formula for some products is specifically for driveways, walkways, porches, and other outdoor surfaces, while others work indoors only.
  • Troubleshooting – With proper decorative concrete training, installers can spot potential trouble before it spirals out of control. If something does go wrong, they have the qualifications to make the appropriate corrections to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Service – Since installers work closely with home and business owners, they need to know the right way of dealing with different personalities. For that reason, decorative concrete training covers these topics, as well.