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Incredible Opportunities Using Vertical Concrete Coatings in Orlando

Like most people, you probably think of countertops, floors, driveways, patios, and walkways when it comes to concrete coatings. Although horizontal applications are in high demand, so are vertical applications. In fact, vertical concrete coatings are a hot trend with no end in sight.

Vertical concrete

Vertical concrete

A professional installer can transform both horizontal and vertical surfaces at your Orlando home, completely transforming a space. Not only does the surface provide a beautiful look, it also becomes more functional. To get an idea as to the options that you have for vertical concrete coatings, consider the following.

  • Walls – Whether you choose decorative concrete for a partial or full wall, you will be amazed at the change. With so many textures, patterns, colors, and other options, you have the opportunity for a subtle or elaborate transformation. For instance, if you have an elegant formal dining room, you can have a concrete coating on the main wall, complemented by painted walls in a coordinating color. Stamped concrete is an excellent consideration.
  • Steps – For indoor or outdoor steps, you could have the top surface painted and then a decorative concrete overlay applied to the front portion. For a unique aesthetic, the installer can apply different decorative concrete overlays on each step.
  • Fireplace Surrounds – Regardless of the material of your fireplace, an excellent way to update its appearance is with a decorative concrete coating. When applied to just the surrounds, you end up with a magnificent showpiece unlike what anyone else has in their homes.
  • Pillars – To give your home more curb appeal, you might also consider having vertical concrete overlays applied to outside pillars. The type of coating and color you choose would enhance the front entryway, helping your home stand out beautifully.
  • Pool Ledges – If you have a swimming pool in the backyard of your Orlando home that features ledges, these too can be enhanced with decorative coatings.

What Type of Training Do Orlando Concrete Contractors Complete to Apply Decorative Concrete Overlays?

Concrete Overlay Class

Decorative concrete overlays training

For the past 10 years, the decorative concrete industry has continually grown. With demand being so high, it has become more important than ever for contractors to have the right type of training for the installation of decorative concrete overlays. Today, contractors in Orlando who work for reputable companies receive extensive training.

As part of training, the best Orlando contractors learn several things so they can install decorative concrete overlays correctly. Following are some examples of what they learn.

  • Product Information – Only through intense training does a contractor learn about the products used. Of course, this varies from one company to the next, but ultimately, once contractors complete training, they understand each overlay product, what it contains, how it is enhanced, and so on.
  • Application Techniques – Because decorative concrete overlays are enhanced based on the application, a professional contractor gets training for different options. For example, a contractor learns how to make unique textures, patterns, and colors. With this expertise, the expert can provide customers what they want.
  • Tools – To install decorative concrete overlays, Orlando contractors receive training about the tools needed for the job. Included are training on what each tool is and the proper way to use it.
  • Customer Service – Good customer service is essential for making customers happy. In addition to technical training, contractors get trained on providing outstanding service and support. They learn how to interact with their customers, the right way to cross-sell without coming across as pushy, and how to deal with potential issues or complaints.

With all of this training and more, the services provided by contractors in Orlando working for top companies are in high demand. Because of the right training, decorative concrete companies have the opportunity to grow and expand their product line to customers.

5 Reasons Why Orlando Home and Business Owners Rank Decorative Concrete Number 1

Decorative ConcreteToday, an increasing number of home and business owners in Orlando are turning to decorative concrete solutions for not only floors but also countertops, patios, walls, fireplace surrounds, and a host of other vertical and horizontal surfaces. The reason is not by happenstance but because of five distinct things. When asking people in Orlando where on a scale of 1 to 10 they rank decorative concrete solutions, the majority say number 1.

  1. Versatility – Home and business owners want to invite guests into a beautiful home and provide customers with an exceptional experience. With so much versatility, decorative concrete is the perfect solution.
  2. Aesthetics – Whether choosing stamped, polished, epoxy, or stained concrete, the outcome is an exceptional aesthetic. Based on personal preference, the architectural features of the home or business, color scheme, theme, and other factors, any aesthetic is achievable.
  3. Uniqueness – Instead of having a home or business that looks like every other one in Orlando, decorative concrete provides an opportunity for owners to stand out. Regardless of how many houses look the same or the number of similar businesses within a community, decorative concrete solutions are unique, meaning nothing has a cookie-cutter appearance.
  4. Customization – Another reason why home and business owners rank decorative concrete number 1 is because it is customizable. Along with numerous colors, patterns, and textures, people can choose to mix and match techniques, add exposed aggregate, or formulate the product to create a nonslip surface, plus more.
  5. Easy to Clean – Living in sunny Florida, the last thing that home and business owners want to do is constantly clean. With decorative concrete, as long as the surface is properly sealed, cleaning involves nothing more than sweeping, mopping, and wiping down the surface.

Are There Limitations for Concrete Design at Orlando Outdoor Venues?

Outdoor Concrete DesignPeople who are interested in decorative concrete for the outdoors have a lot of questions, which they should. One of those is “what are the limitations for exterior concrete in Orlando.?”   There are only a few limitations that might include not submerging the concrete in water for long periods of time as well as chemical resistance limitations.  But if you follow the product specifications and as long as the work is performed correctly, whether by a professional contractor or a handy homeowner, using a top-of-the-line decorative concrete product and sealant most exterior decorative concrete will last for many many years.

Because there are no design limitations, the market for decorative concrete is exploding. Throughout Orlando, many owners of outdoor venues recognize that they have the opportunity to create something unique as well as strong, durable, and long lasting.

Particularly for outdoor venues near the salty air and water of the ocean, a good sealant, such as Sureseal Super 30, is imperative. Once a concrete design is sealed, saltwater cannot penetrate the surface and cause a breakdown in the cement. In addition to sealing a concrete design initially, it should be re-sealed throughout its life and cleaned regularly. As a result, the concrete will remain durable and the color of the design will stay bright and beautiful. Because of that, all types of outdoor venues can benefit from decorative concrete.

As for the sealer, it is important to choose the right one. For this, the sealer should be formulated to prevent oil, grease, chemicals, and other contaminants from seeping through the surface. Also, choose a sealant designed for UV protection. Otherwise, the concrete design could begin to yellow, thereby affecting its color.

Regardless if a concrete design is part of an outdoor waterpark, amphitheater, public park, restaurant, or something else, a few simple steps will protect the surface so that it lasts for years.


Which Concrete Floor Systems Are Best for Warehouses and Industrial Use?

Warehouses are rough and tough environments. Between machinery, equipment, dropped tools, spills, and heavy foot traffic, traditional floors would take a beating. For that reason, warehouses require a very different type of flooring, one that can withstand a lot of daily use and abuse. Fortunately, there are several great options worth consideration.

If you own a warehouse in Orlando and are in the process up upgrading or renovating, it is imperative to look at different concrete floor coating systems. That way, you can make comparisons and choose the one that fits your needs best. At the top of the list is epoxy. Of all the warehouse flooring solutions, this is among the most durable. When properly installed, epoxy floors will last for years while providing your warehouse personnel with a comfortable light reflective walking surface.

You might also consider metallic flake epoxy floors, such as Dura-Kote Metallic, for your warehouse. The only difference between standard epoxy and metallic epoxy is that for the latter, metallic flakes make the floor more visually pleasing. If you want, you can use conventional epoxy for the main work floor and metallic epoxy for the warehouse restrooms, meeting rooms, lunch rooms and office.

Beyond epoxy, there are other concrete floor systems for warehouse environments. For instance, polished concrete is not only gorgeous but also incredibly strong. Other benefits of using this flooring system in your warehouse include resistance to high foot traffic, low maintenance, long service life, sustainability, and resistance to moisture.

Even if your warehouse has medium to high foot traffic, polished concrete stands up and looks great. You will also discover that instead of spending countless hours trying to keep the floor in good condition, polished concrete requires little maintenance. All you need to do to keep this floor beautiful is sweep and damp mop as needed. Because the protective surface works as a barrier against spills, cleanup is a breeze.