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Comparing Epoxy Floor Materials for an Orlando Workshop

Epoxy Color Flake Samples

Epoxy Color Flake Samples

If you have a workshop in Orlando, you know how messy the floor gets throughout the day. Whether you work on cars, bicycles, electronics, or something entirely different, you need a flooring system that can withstand use and abuse. The best solution is epoxy floor material for your Orlando workshop.

Because there is more than one type of epoxy, take time to understand them so that you make the right choice for your specific needs.

  • Self-Dispersing – Depending on the level of foot and vehicle traffic, this epoxy floor material for your Orlando workshop might work great. Because of its incredible mechanical strength, most people use it in areas where employees operate picking machines and forklifts. Also, if you deal with liquids in your workshop, you can select self-dispersing epoxy with quartz sand added. In addition to increasing resistance to spills, this flooring solution has an anti-slip surface.
  • Self-Leveling – This is another option for epoxy floor material for your Orlando workshop. You can have this material applied over newly installed concrete or an existing surface. Either way, it levels itself as the name implies, creating a smooth and seamless surface.

    Epoxy Quartz Floor Material

    Epoxy Quartz Floor Material

  • Mortar Epoxy – For a flooring system with incredible strength, this is the best solution. Not only is it ideal for busy work environments, but if the floor’s surface has mild to moderate cracks, this epoxy material repairs them.
  • Color Flake Epoxy – In this case, single or multicolored chips or flakes enhance the appearance of the floor. Based on the look you want, you can have a small amount dispersed or an expert can broadcast a denser quantity of flakes giving the floor a layer of protection as well as a designer finish.

Butterfield Color Launches New Travertine Texture Mats

Travertine Texture Mat

Travertine Texture Mats

With incredible color and texture options, stamped concrete remains the top choice among home and business owners. If you want to enhance new concrete or change the appearance of an existing surface, Butterfield Color introduced a fantastic solution in the way of texture mats.

You can expect to have a stamped concrete job completed in one to three days, depending on the size of the surface being stamped with texture mats. These mats come in different degrees of flexibility, including rigid, floppy, and flexible, depending on the hardness of the polyurethane material. Because of that, they work incredibly well for a broad range of projects. However, most installers use a combination of rigid and flexible mats for optimal results.

  • Rigid – This firm mat has little  flexibility. In most cases, installers prefer using stiffer texture mats for the entire surface since it leaves an excellent impression, especially for achieving deep patterns.

    Travertine texture mat for stamped concrete

    Travertine texture mats for stamped concrete

  • Semi-Flexible – Because this mat offers a slight level of flex, it conforms and contours beautifully in the concrete. Although used in many areas, this mat is often the preferred choice when working on a driveway apron or sloping surfaces.
  • Floppy – Containing more pliable urethane, the floppy texture mats are roughly 50 percent thinner than rigid mats. As a result, they can bend up to 90 degrees, making them perfect around walls, columns, and corners.

All texture mats sell as individual products rather than sets. Because the surface does not end up with exact replications, it has a more realistic appearance regardless of the chosen pattern. No matter what design you want, the new Butterfield Color mats produce phenomenal results.

With endless possibilities, now the fun part begins: choosing the texture mat that meets your specific criteria. For a driveway, patio, pool deck, interior floor, and a host of other surfaces, these mats have revolutionized decorative concrete.

Using an Overlay to Repair and Beautify Old Concrete

Cracked concrete in need of an

Cracked concrete in need of an Overlay

Do you have an old concrete surface that has seen better days? Perhaps it is a driveway, outdoor patio, foyer, kitchen floor, commercial tenant improvement project or something else. Before you start looking at tearing it up or replacing it with new floor, consider the many benefits of a concrete overlay.

With an overlay, the old surface is covered up and is transformed into virtually any look you want. That means if you have a Victorian-style home, you can choose a design and color that matches that era. If the entrance into your business looks messy, you can select something that not only enhances the entire appearance of the property but also makes your company more enticing to customers and a safe surface for stepping.

The first step entails fixing and patching imperfections, followed by a thorough cleaning of the surface and allowing it to dry before applying a primer coat. Only then should you applying the polymer modified cement overlay. If preferred, you can choose a beautiful stamped concrete design that looks like real wood, stone, brick, rock, or an assortment of other materials. Another possibility is a concrete surface with incredible shine or one with a colored and marble effect using a concrete stain.

Broom finish overlay without color

Broom finish overlay without color

Depending on where you want the overlay installed, you can also have a unique texture created or even aggregate or sand  added to the formula to make the surface extra slip-resistant for outdoor applications like pool decks, driveways, or walkways, this dramatically reduces any risk of someone slipping and sustaining an injury.

Another cool aspect of an overlay is that you can have a custom design created. If you prefer unique styles, you can end up with a one-of-a-kind surface. For instance, when you are updating old concrete in a foyer, consider adding the family crest or a medallion design.

Just imagine all the fun you can have when updating old concrete. Rather than embarrassment, you will feel a sense of pride. Transformed concrete also helps boost the value of the property because of the improved appearance and due to the overlay providing years of excellent service.

What to Look for in the Best Interior and Exterior Concrete Sealer

Whether you’re applying an overlay on a concrete surface as a do-it-yourself project or hiring a professional installer for the job, using the best interior or exterior concrete sealer is essential. The concrete sealer accomplishes several goals. For one thing, it can deepen the color to some decorative concrete products. Also, it acts as a protective barrier against stains, impact, abrasion, and other potential damage.

To start, you want to consider interior and exterior sealers formulated for a specific purpose. As an example, if you operate a daycare in your basement, the sealant must withstand a great deal of daily use and abuse. Along with little feet scurrying about with toys, cribs, food, beverages, and so on. The same is true for a driveway. With both foot and vehicle traffic, as well as leaked oil and other vehicle fluids, you need a concrete sealer that can hold up.

Interior Concrete Sealer

Interior Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer in Car Dealership

Concrete Sealer in Car Dealership

When you are looking at the best interior and exterior sealers, you will discover that some are clear and others can be tinted or colored. Based on the look that you want for the concrete surface, you would choose accordingly. For instance, if you have a gold marbled acid-stained concrete floor in your kitchen that you love, then you would go with a clear sealer. In comparison, if the floor is in good condition but the color has started to fade, you can rejuvenate it with a colored sealer.

The two most popular interior and exterior sealers include polyurethane and epoxy. Polyurethane is harder than acrylic sealers. Because of that, it can handle a lot while still being easy to maintain. This sealer protects designs and prevents color from fading. Epoxy sealers create a thicker film, making them perfect for residential and commercial garages, car dealership showrooms, hotel lobbies, and other high-traffic areas. When finished and sealed correctly, the floors should have a uniform tinted color along with excellent protection.

Using Vertical Concrete Coatings at an Orlando Architectural Firm

Vertical Concrete Coatings

Vertical Concrete Coatings

When it comes time to have your Orlando architectural business updated, you want to make sure everything looks amazing. That’s why you need to focus on every detail. Instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions, a reputable firm will recommend innovative and fresh design ideas. For instance, a lot of experts now suggest using vertical concrete coatings.

Vertical concrete

Vertical concrete

Typically, people think of floors, driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and other horizontal surfaces when discussing decorative concrete. However, there is a whole other world of opportunity with vertical surfaces. Because of that, you can transform the appearance of any room, turning it from ordinary into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Top firms in Orlando suggest that their clients consider vertical concrete coatings for walls. Compared to paint, wallpaper, or various faux finishes, decorative solutions are more exciting and versatile, and they last significantly longer. The professional installer who works on your project can create something traditional or customize a wall to coordinate with the style or color scheme of your business.

Vertical concrete coatings can benefit a whole host of interior surfaces. By working with the right product, an experienced and trained installer can do just about anything. In fact, that individual can also enhance outdoor surfaces.

For the exterior of your business, you can use vertical concrete coatings to enhance both the appearance and functionality of many different surfaces. As an example, an expert can apply these coatings on retaining walls and columns, among other things. A common misconception is that concrete coatings only work on concrete. The truth is that some products also work on brick, stucco, drywall, and a variety of other materials.

In Orlando, people depend on the top architectural firms to think outside of the box. By using vertical concrete coatings, they give their clients a great atmosphere and interesting design ideas.