SureBroom by SureCrete is a heavy-traffic, high-psi, concrete overlay for resurfacing exterior concrete surfaces. Available in (2) cement types: white & gray. Can be colored with SC Color Packs (sold separately).


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SureBroom is designed to resurface high-traffic concrete surfaces without compromising color, design, or texture. Sure Broom is a proprietary, single-component, self-bonding, cementitious overlayment available in both white and gray Portland cement bases. SureBroom can transform old, spalled, or worn-down concrete by eliminating surface defects, increasing wear ability and coefficient of friction (COF).

Although Sure Broom was designed to renovate broomed concrete exterior surfaces, a variety of textures and designs can be achieved for exterior flatwork or interior floors:

  • Broom
  • Stipple (Bubble Finish)
  • Swirl
  • Wood Grain
  • Sponge Float
  • Euro-Texture (Slop Trowel)

SureBroom is formulated and optimized for exterior applications such as parking lots, parking garages, ramps, stairwells, and walkways where heavy foot or vehicular traffic is present. These venues include theme parks, educational, medical, warehousing, multifamily, and manufacturing. When SureCrete SureBroom is properly applied and sealed, it will produce an attractive high-strength wear surface with a long lifecycle and low maintenance.

Sure Broom applications do not contribute to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), and, when sealed with a resinous coating, can create an allergen-free flooring solution. Is often applied by concrete broom. Project size and desired texture can allow for this overlay to be placed by trowel, float, squeegee, brush, gravity feed hopper, or rotor/stator pump system. SureBroom may also be colored by using any of the 30 standard SC Color premeasured color packs.


  • High Compressive Strength
  • Increased COF (Coefficient of Friction)
  • White and Gray Cement Bases



NOTE: On larger projects the use of a mortar mixer is allowed for the proper mixing of Sure Broom. Careful consideration should be given to ensure water and color packs are properly measured to the exact bags of SureBroom being mixed (as mentioned in steps 1-6 under Mixing).

All Sure Broom applications are recommended to have a two-coat system, comprised of a Base Coat and a Finish Coat. If SC Color is
going to be used, it should be added to both coats for the most accurate finish color.

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