XS Packing Additive


XS Packing Additive is designed to thicken XS casting mixes. Allowing you to create voids and  imperfections to achieve a pressed look.


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XS Packing Additive™ is a thickening agent designed for the Xtreme Series mixes. Although it can be used in all mix designs for a thickening effect, it is most effective when used in conjunction with the XS Face and XS PreCast.



XS Face: 2 capfuls
XS Precast: 1 – 2 capfuls



Use the Packing additive for a “Pressed Look”. The Pressed Look will have a surface that will leave voids that will be later filled with XS Slurry. Experimentation with mix consistency and the amount of pressure applied to the concrete during the pressing phase will determine the void size and consistency.

  1. Begin by adding XS Modifier to a 5 gallon bucket.
  2. Add desired color.
  3. Add 2 capfuls (from the XS Packing Additive cap found on the container) to the color and modifier.
  4. Mix for 1 minute dissolving color and packing additive into the modifier.
  5. Add 2/3rds bag of XS Face and mix until a lump free consistency is obtained. At this point the mix will seem “stiff” this is the goal. Do not add water.
  6. Combine remaining bag into 5 gallon bucket and continue to mix until thoroughly blended.
  7. The use of water at this point will seem necessary, water can be added in 2 ounce increments if desired but try to avoid the use of water as this will negate the effects of the XS Packing Additive. In some cases water will be needed to properly mix material. This will be evident by the straining the mixer and the inability to have the mixing blade reach the bottom of the bucket.
  8. Depending on temperature the mix will be ready for use in 5 – 15 minutes. Colder climates may require longer, where in warmer climates the opposite will be true.
  9. Work time will be approximately 30 minutes. Do not rewet material after this point with water, as the mix will be rendered useless.
  10. Finishes will vary based on desired look, however typical pressed look is achieved via a crumbly mix that is easily broken up into dime, nickel and quarter sized pieces.


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