XS Slurry


XS Slurry is specially designed to fill pinholes and voids in concrete casting pieces.  Just add water and optional color to fill concrete countertops wall panels and other cast concrete projects. Can be colored by XS Color or SC Color packs.


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XS Precast Slurry is a single component cement-based mix formulated to fill pinholes and voids in XS products or any precast concrete where a smooth finish is desired. When combined with XS Color and/or SC Color color packs, it allows design elements to match, complement, or contrast with
the concrete piece.

MIXING RATIO |  Approximately 4 parts dry volume XS Precast Slurry to 1 part water

COVERAGE | Depends upon application and substrate 3.5 lb (1.59 kg) Jar of XS Precast Slurry = approximately 65 in³ (1300 cm³)

DENSITY | 126.1 pounds/ft³ (2018kg/m³)



COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH ASTM C-109 | 28 day 4278 PSI (29495 kPa)

FLEXURAL STRENGTH ASTM C-348 | 28 day 995 PSI (6860 kPa)

TENSILE STRENGTH ASTM C-190 | 28 day 440 PSI (3033 kPa)

ABRASION RESISTANCE ASTM D-4060 | 28 days <.50%

MOSAIC SHEAR ANSI A-118.4 | 28 day 280 PSI (1930 kPa)



Mixing and Handling

  1. Estimate quantity of mix required, allowing for possible future touch-ups.
  2. Add a portion of dry Color Pack if desired to dry mix and stir in thoroughly.
  3. Set aside some of dry mix for possible future touch-ups.
  4. Estimate quantity of water required, < ¼ of dry mix volume to be used.
  5. Slowly introduce XS Slurry into a vessel containing premeasured water and mix by hand or with cordless drill equipped with a jiffy-style mixer.
  6. Add additional water as desired, should be approximately tile grout consistency.

Slurry Coat

  1. All voids and pinholes to be slurried must be dry.
  2. Rub and push slurry with a gloved hand into all voids and pinholes.
  3. Entire piece must be slurried to maintain color consistency.
  4. Remove excess slurry while still malleable with a plastic Bondo knife.
  5. Allow to dry to the touch.
  6. Several lifts of Xtreme Slurry may be required for especially rough textures.
  7. Sand away excess dried slurry with orbital sander equipped with 200 – 400 grit sand paper or diamond pad.

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