XS Veining


XS Veining by SureCrete is a  concrete countertop veining colored dry powder for making natural marble looking veins in cast concrete pieces. Each jar is 1.5 lb.’s of material. Available in (11) colors.


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XS Veining™ is a dry broadcast medium used to create natural looking veins in the XS mixes. It is single component, cement-based, and available in 11 colors to offer a wide array of stone-like expressions. The synthetic iron oxide pigments are color fast and UV stable. All ingredients are pre-blended into the quart jar for user–friendly application.



Depends upon application and substrate 1.5 lb jar (.68 kg) jar of XS Veining = approximately 58 in.³ (946 cm³) OR Vein that is ¼” wide X ½” deep X 20’ long


XS Veining Application

XS Veining may be broadcast dry or placed as a paste. The dry broadcast method creates a more rugged, yet natural-looking vein through a stone face. The paste method leaves no voids and when placed properly, yields equally pleasing organic shapes.

Dry broadcast

  1. Place XS Precast in the bottom of the mold where the vein is to be located.
  2. Toss XS Veining against the wet edge of the XS Precast.
  3. Push excess material into the vein using a small chip brush.
  4. Vacuum or blow with compressed air unwanted remainder of XS Veining out of the mold.
  5. Randomly brush any area where vacuum or blower may have created a visible pattern.
  6. Mist the vein with a spray bottle to activate the cement.
  7. Continue the placing of the Xtreme Precast, exercising care to cover the vein without disturbing it.

Wet paste

  1. Mix 4 parts Xtreme Veining to 1 part water.
  2. Tool into place where desired in base of mold with very small trowel or butter knife.
  3. Place Xtreme Precast, exercising care to cover the vein without disturbing it.

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