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SikaColor 200 Color Hardener (formerly LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener) is a dry shake, color hardener that is applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete during the finishing process.


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SikaColor 200 Color Hardener is a dry shake, color hardener that is applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete during the finishing process. It is a cementitious-based coloring material that may be used to create abrasion resistant interior floors and exterior hardscapes. The time-tested formulation of Sika Color- 200 Color Hardener creates an extremely dense surface that is resistant to foot and vehicular traffic. It is available in a wide range of streak free, uniform colors ranging from subtle pastels to deep, rich hues.

SikaColor 200 Color Hardener, used in conjunction with varying finishing techniques, jointing schemes, saw cutting and/or pattern stamping, can create a striking effect. Previously named Perma-Shake® Color Hardener and LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener.



SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener may only be used by experienced professionals.

  • Uniformly colors gray concrete or provides random accents of color on integrally colored concrete
  • Can be used when imprinting, texturing, or stenciling new concrete with SikaStamp® Stamping Tools, SikaStamp® Texture Rollers, and SikaStamp® Stencils
  • Compatible with SikaCem®-800 Clear Liquid Release, SikaColor®-300 Antiquing Release, SikaColor®-340 SG Antiquing Release, SikaColor®-430 Elements®, and SikaColor® reactive acid stain
  • Pedestrian ramps, walkways, building entrances, foyers, stairs, loading docks, parking structures, food courts, drive-thru lanes, crosswalks, driveways, patios, and pool decks


Color Hardener Advantages

  • Hardens & densifies concrete surface
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to fading
  • Superior aggregate gradation allows for easy finishing It’s water-reducing wetting agent allows it to be readily incorporated into the concrete surface, forming a rich paste that makes finishing easier
  • Provides an extremely durable surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Adds a wide array of color options that are bolder,
    brighter, or lighter than gray concrete
  • Combinations of colors can be used to create a desired
    mood and theme
  • Lighter colors are recommended on pool decks

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