SikaColor 300


SikaColor 300 Antiquing Release is an odorless, high-performance, powder stamp tool release that adds color accents as it eliminates the suction created when stamp tools are lifted from freshly placed wet cementitious material.


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SikaColor 300 Antiquing Release is a premium color powdered bond breaker used with SikaStamp® tools. It also provides accent colors that complement or contrast with the underlying concrete surface. Additionally, it enhances the transfer of the detailed pattern and texture and does not damage the stamping mat or texturing tool.


SikaColor 300 Characteristics

  • Finely milled, streak-free, UV-resistant powder Visually enhances the depth and texture of stamped concrete
  • Creates a visually attractive, antiqued look to the concrete
  • Matching or contrasting colors are used to create a variety of effects
  • Multiple colors can be used to provide unique shading and/or highlights


Recommended Uses

Coverage varies depending on timing, application technique, method of finishing, surface texture prior to imprinting, coloration effect desired, and other conditions. For most applications, the coverage rate is approximately 3-4 lb./100 sq. ft. (1.4-1.8 kg/9.3 m²) which equates to 750-1,000 sq. ft. (70-93 m²) per 30 lb. (13.6 kg) pail. Experienced release applicators can achieve coverage up to 1,200 sq. ft. (111 m²) per 30 lb. (13.6 kg) pail.



Cover and protect adjacent surfaces near the work area prior to applying SikaColor 300 Antiquing Release. This is especially critical on windy days. Application of SikaColor 300 Antiquing Release can begin after the final concrete finish.

Immediately prior to the placement of SikaStamp® tools, broadcast SikaColor®-300 Antiquing Release uniformly over the surface with a soft bristled, 6 inch mason’s brush. Apply enough release so that the moist sheen on the concrete surface is covered. Do not apply over standing bleed water. SikaColor®-300 Antiquing Release should not be broadcast for more than a few feet or from above the knee to minimize drifting outside of the work area. Multiple colors of SikaColor®-300 Antiquing Release may be used for more unique colorations. Once applied, do not work the surface with a float or a trowel.
The surface of the imprinting tools should also be lightly brushed with the release powder.

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