SurePour is a 10-pound dry pigment used to integrally color ready mix concrete. Bags are conveniently packaged in a disintegrating bag that disperses safely and rapidly into the cement concrete batch.


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SureCrete’s concrete colors used in SurePour™ formulation are pure, synthetic, iron oxide pigments containing no fillers that will affect the performance of the concrete mix design. SureCrete’s concrete colors applications provide the user with a lightfast, weather resistant, lime-proof, no maintenance finished product. We maintain the highest tinting strength and color consistency from bag to bag. The color is conveniently packaged in a repulpable sack that disperses rapidly into the batch.

SurePour contains only finely milled synthetic iron oxides, the strongest and most stable colors available. These colors are lime-proof, sun fast, inert, and meet or exceed the criteria of ASTM C979. Our custom formulated colors can cover the entire spectrum upon your request. Each color match is handled on an individual basis. In cases where exact color matching is required, samples of your field raw materials may be required for sample preparation.

SureCrete’s SurePour bags are available in specially designed packages for your on-site use. Because of the inherent tinting strength of synthetic iron oxides, standard loadings do not exceed 4%. Levels greater than 5% will not enhance the finished color.


Below are some general practices for adding color to freshly poured concrete:

  • Any type of Portland Cement may be used in colored concrete, however, due to cement’s inherent properties; it is necessary to follow approved mixing practices.
  • Cement for the entire job/project should be the same type and brand and from the same mill and plant.
  • All aggregate, fine or coarse, should be supplied from one source and be non-reactive.
  • The mix design should remain constant. If the cement content varies, the pigment content must be adjusted to maintain the weight ratio of pigment to cement.
  • The concrete consistency as denoted by the slump test should not exceed 5”. A 3 – 4” slump is recommended. Use the lowest slump compatible with a workable and place-able mix.
  • Always rinse the mixer drum thoroughly before batching colored concrete.
  • The pigment amount to be added must be determined by weight. Never estimate by visual bag splitting.


How Much Color To Use?

Light = 1 Bag Color / 2 Yards Concrete
Medium = 1 Bag Color / 1 Yard Concrete
Dark = 2 Bags Color / 1 Yard Concrete

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